Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Case of The Counterfeit Constructicons!

Okay, so I went to Big Lots, drawn by rumors of strange, neon, bootleg transformers. Here's one of four KOs that I found:

The first member of one of the two-packs I got is a bootleg of Long Haul, whom I have named "Haul".

As you can see, the vehicle mode is pretty much unchanged from the original. Because of the changes made to the arms (see below), the wheels in front seem incapable of rolling when dragged.

In robot mode, the most significant change from the original is the arms; They're shorter and like the flip-out fists of the original. These new arms (and the rest of the figure) also lack holes to attach any weapons to, which could be bad if he ever encounters some Autobots. The figure seems be made of decent quality plastic. Long Haul/Haul comes with no accessories.

Blogger won't me upload new pics right now, so tomorrow I'll detail Haul's comrade; Crush


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